Sony Foundation, the charity arm of the Sony group of companies, has launched a new initiative – Operation: Acoustic – to bring ‘medical music’ to the bedsides of hospital patients across Australia. This program delivers the healing power of music through live acoustic entertainment for young hospital patients.

Operation: Acoustic involves live, in-room performances to young patients undergoing treatment, or unable to leave their hospital beds. It is a program that inspires smiles and thank yous, karaoke moments and tears.

Operation: Acoustic performers are all volunteers who believe in the healing power of music. Our volunteers range from part-time musicians to emerging artists to Friday night karaoke stars to hidden office talent, as well as established signed artists. We are most gratefully to the volunteers for donating their time and talent to be part of this special program.

Operation: Acoustic is committed to brightening the lives of patients undergoing treatment within a hospital environment. A hospital stay is heavily focused on routines, tests and appointments, and can become very challenging for patients to handle. Beyond much appreciated moments of entertainment, these one-on-one performances between the volunteer musician and patient have the powerful effect of providing a distraction and bringing feelings of happiness and positivity that too often fade away in hospitals.

Operation: Acoustic will be a national program, involving hospitals in all states and many regional areas. To do this, we need to spread the word- rallying volunteer musicians and supporters across Australia.

Operation: Acoustic would like to thank US-based Musicians on Call for providing the inspiration behind our Australian program.

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