Operation: Acoustic brings live music to hospital beds to give much needed relief to young patients. Operation: Acoustic involves bringing live music to hospital beds as a way to give much needed relief to young patients.

This program is committed to brightening the experiences of patients undergoing treatment within a hospital environment. A hospital stay is heavily focused on routines, tests and appointments and can become challenging for patients handle. Through Operation: Acoustic, we hope to bring happiness, distraction and positivity to patients through the power of music.

Music has been tagged as a vital component of a patient’s journey through treatment and recovery. The young people involved will be exposed to a highly beneficial experience and will be comforted by music that can create links to family, friends and positive memories. As with anyone, music can connect with patients regardless of their condition. Studies have shown that music can minimise pain, trauma and improve the overall quality of life.


At this stage, Operation: Acoustic is only underway in Sydney. We look forward to growing the program into other cities around the country soon.

Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick - Alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays:5pm-7pm

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead - Alternate Wednesdays and Fridays:3pm-5pm

Please note volunteers must be 18 years or older.

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